Boston’s Best Weekend

April 15-17, 2017

This weekend, Boston is thriving. One Boston Day, Easter weekend, and the 121st Boston Marathon are all happening.

A holiday created in 2015, One Boston Day recognizes the bombing tragedy of the 117th Boston Marathon, which took place on April 15, 2013. On this day, I participated in some very Bostonian things. My brother, aunt, and I went to Wahlburgers for lunch, where we were blessed with pictures of the famous family. After lunch, we headed to the Boston Red Sox/Tampa Bay Rays game.

At the baseball game, the entire stadium took a moment of silence to remember the events of the 117th Marathon. That day includes both positive and negative aspects. The negative ones are obvious, any act of hatred is terrible, especially when there are many who are both killed or injured. However, the resilience, strength, and hope of this incredible city is something to appreciate. This is where the phrase “Boston Strong” came from, which is something I hear all the time as a Boston resident.

A survivor of the marathon and her husband, who rescued her after she was gravely injured because of the bomb attacks, threw the first pitches at the game, which was amazing and emotional. Fenway is always a magical place full of authenticity, and it was a great experience to be a part of, especially during the ballpark-wide singing of “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond.

Easter Sunday brought me to Boston College to go to Mass with my aunt, brother, and a friend from school, followed by an Easter Brunch. The rest of the day was spent preparing myself for the best day of the year–Marathon Monday!!

Marathon Monday means two things: spring weather is here and Boston pride is at its peak. The third Monday of April, or Patriot’s Day, has become one of my favorite holidays because of how inspiring it is. Although a large part of the day for most college students involves partying due to having the day off on a warmer day, I like to take time to actually watch the marathon, which is the reason that we have the day off in the first place. Most people who run focus their marathon training just to participate in this event because it is one of the most competitive races of the year. While I can’t even run a block without feeling a little winded, these people are running 26.2 miles, which is amazing.

I highly encourage everyone to take part in witnessing the beauty of the marathon. Everyone’s spirits are instantly lifted by watching countless people run past them, or at least in my experience. It means a lot to lift their spirits in times of the immense struggle and pain that comes with running a marathon. This keeps the positive momentum going.

Looking forward to experiencing more of Boston’s beautiful energy!

–Thanks for Livin’ Life with Annie!

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