Thank You, Mom

Magdalena Mooers is an amazing woman. She is kind, funny, smart, supportive thoughtful, positive, and strong. I am so fortunate to call this woman my mother.

My mom has put on many different hats in my life. She has been my teacher, coach, mentor, mother, snuggle bug, and friend. Growing up in a household with two older brothers, my mom was my go-to for all family occasions and vacations. Not that I don’t love my brothers and my dad, but it’s just a girl’s thing, you know?

My parents have been my biggest fans. They both have constantly supported me throughout some of my life’s biggest decisions, mostly in work and school. My mom will come to Boston quite frequently to check on her two children at rival Boston colleges. When she visits, she and I often do two of our favorite activities: intensely jam out to some music and watch my brother, Johnny, at his swim meets. I’ve never heard someone scream as loud as Magda Mooers when she cheers for her children. Her most notable cheer is “Get up! C’mon Johnny! Get up!” as my brother finishes his underwaters. She and my Aunt Myszie, our second mother who tries to attend every single one of Johnny’s meets, are his biggest fans.

My mom shares a great bond with all three of her children. A mother’s bond with her first-born is unmatched, and you can tell that by her connection with my brother, Stephen. They are so alike in many ways. After both attending Catholic University of America in Washington, DC, they both share similar stories about things on campus and bars in Adams Morgan. My mom thinks so highly of Johnny. They share a lot of the same taste in music and movies. He has taken a lot of time and attention into learning about and becoming a huge fan of my mom’s favorite musician, Bruce Springsteen. Johnny’s a smart kid, and if you just look at my mother’s face when he is talking, you can tell that she is mesmerized by what he has to say. She is Johnny’s biggest fan, in and out of the water. My mom always tells me how proud she is of me, and all three of us, actually. I try to always remind her that we were all raised by two amazing people, her and my father, Don. We all adore her so much.

She also makes the best impression on her children’s friends. A couple of my friends from high school have come to my house, even while I’m away at school, just to hang out with my mom. They’ll also reach out to her to wish her “Happy Birthday,” every year.

When I swam in high school, my mom would drive girls from morning practice to school. Her car would always have muffins and chocolate milk, which is every swimmer’s dream after practice. Needless to say, everyone always wanted to ride in her car. Also, let’s not forget she would wake up at 4:30 AM every morning to take me to practice–talk about dedication. Some of the girls on the team said that they might miss my mom and her snacks more than they would miss me when I graduated, and honestly, I understand why. Twice during my four years of high school swimming, there was a meet on my mom’s birthday. She sat through and timed for both of them with a huge smile on her face. The whole team serenaded her both times. She was the perfect swim-team mom.

When I was graduating from my summer pool’s swim team, my mom was surrounded by her best friends, who all cried together when they realized that it was potentially their last time all together at the banquet to celebrate the end of the season. One of my mom’s friends organized a “Magda’s Banquet Success Kit,” which included a specialized tissue box for the night’s tears, a custom-made t-shirt, cute sunglasses, and a drink for the night. This was one of the moments when I realized how loved my mom is. I really hope she knows how loved she is.

Today, she and I celebrated Mother’s Day with Mass at Holy Trinity in Georgetown, where she and I both went to school and she taught me for a couple of years. We went into Chinatown to get brunch with Stephen, before he headed off to work. We had the most Maryland dish ever, Chesapeake Eggs Benedict, complete with a crab cake and Old Bay. We got our nails done and treated ourselves to some ice cream afterwards. Yesterday, she received beautiful flowers from my wonderful father and we went to see Beauty and the Beast, which is one of our favorite Disney movies. A simple celebration, but I hope she enjoyed every minute of this quality time as much as I did.

So thank you mom, for everything.

-Thanks for livin’ life with Annie! xoxo

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