Be Your Own Best Friend

This is the first big lesson that I learned in college. Sure, I have other best friends who I love, but you need to be able to depend on yourself the most.

Growing up, most of the time, you are surrounded by people. You’re surrounded by your family, classmates, friends, neighbors, and just various people in your life. At least in my experience, everyone had a similar schedule, so it was hard to feel alone.

College is bizarre. Everyone has a different schedule. When you have free time, your friends are in class and vice versa. You’re not with your family anymore, and you don’t necessarily always know the people around you, and you can feel really lonely.

This is a really big adjustment, but it’s not like you’re immediately lonely for a long period of time. There are times when you’ll be around so many people and you’ll make friends. There are times when you feel like you’re on top of the world. There are times when your college friends will feel like home.  However, you also need to make yourself feel like home as well.

Since you’re the only person that actually spends 24/7 with yourself, do activities that you actually want to do. Personally, my favorite activities are reading, watching movies, and exploring. I try to read a book a week, love to go to the movies or watch some on Netflix, and explore new places. I’ve made a Boston Summer Bucket List and I’m making moves!

Also, be a person that you want to be friends with. Be kind and sincere. Fill your day with things that make you happy. Peak every day.

One thing that has been tough is the fact that sometimes I’m exploring on my own. There have been plenty of things that I have done alone, including eating in a restaurant and going to a movie theater. However, exploring alone is not always easy. It’s fun to experience going to new places with a friend. Plus, if you know someone else is counting on you to do something, you’ll go. It’s hard to stay motivated when you’re the only one going and it’s not like you’re disappointing anyone by cancelling. It’s so much easier to just stay at home.

But I’m trying to not sit on my couch anymore. I keep seeing everyone else do super cool things wherever they are and living a good life. Everyone’s inspiring me to live my best.

So all in all, be yourself and challenge yourself so that you can grow and love yourself.

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