Ode to Summer 2017

IMG_3419Summer 2017 was the summer that reality hit and I knew that I needed to grow the f*** up.

After living every summer in the pool either swimming, coaching, teaching, babysitting, or just hanging out with friends, I decided to challenge myself. If you were to tell me that someday I was going to decided on my own to spend a summer away from my hometown, I actually would not believe you. I could not even fathom leaving that lovely lifestyle until I absolutely needed to.

Sometime in January during my sophomore year of college, I called my mom and discussed plans of going abroad in the Spring 2018 semester. All of a sudden, I just blurted out the words, “I might want to stay in Boston this summer.” All she said back was “I figured.” She and I had never talked about it before. The only person I had discussed it with was my roommate. From that moment on, I knew that I was staying in Boston for the summer.

This summer provided new and exciting challenges, including my first time living with strangers, living in an apartment, relying on myself to cook, and living in both Boston and a college city during the summer. Although it is a major US city, Boston’s population significantly decreases because college students are returning home for the summer. It was nice to be a tourist at different hot spots with the smaller crowds without having to worry about falling over ice every two seconds.

I also was able to travel a lot this summer. I was thankful to have the opportunity to stay with friends and family in Maine, New York, and Cape Cod. I got to go to Martha’s Vineyard for the day, and still made it to the annual beach trip in August. This was the most I had traveled in a summer since I was five years old on a road trip to Colorado with my family. I got to reconnect with old friends and make new memories with new friends.

I really wanted to get a job in the people industry, primarily food or retail. The only other jobs that I’ve had in life have really revolved around the same place and people and served as just a summer job. As lucky as I was to work all of these jobs and be with my friends, I wanted to get a job that I could also work during the school year. So I started working in retail and still do! I think that it’s very important for a person to work a job where they’ll have to deal with all different kinds of people. I thought that a job like this would help with life, especially because I plan on going into the wonderful world of public relations post-graduation.

In some ways, this summer felt like the most free summer I’ve had since I wasn’t home with my parent’s curfews and rules. However, sometimes working long hours and being on such different schedules then my friends made it more difficult to see them as often as I would have liked to, but that’s just a part of life in adulthood that I have to start getting used to.

Everyone I talked to about their summers for the most part have said that it was fine, but that they were working so it wasn’t too fun. This summer served as that weird transition-summer between being a teenager and an adult. Most people worked at various internships either at home or in a larger city. If they didn’t, they realized that they would have to start doing that soon.

The real world will be a scary place, but I believe that this summer has definitely helped me prepare for it. I’m excited for what’s to come in my life and hope to take you there with me, if you keep livin’ life with Annie!

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