2018 in Review

If I had to use one word to describe this year, it would be challenging. 2018 has provided both good and bad challenges. My family suffered two deaths this year, I lived in two new cities and got to travel throughout Europe, I loved and I lost, I started my senior year of college, and have learned more about myself than ever before. This year has been the biggest blessing, even if sometimes it was in disguise.

I found myself outside of my comfort zone more often than ever this year, and from these experiences, I believe I have grown. I traveled to eight countries and fell in love with each city that I visited. There is so much beauty in this world.

Throughout this year, I realized how minuscule my personal problems were and how my fear of missing out kept me from enjoying my own life. I met great people while making memories that I hope I never forget.

I lived in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in London, thanks to the BU Study Abroad Program. Some of my closest friends lived in my building and we got to explore the city together and made amazing memories that I will cherish. I finally got to see the world beyond the United States and a high school field trip to Costa Rica during spring break of my sophomore year. When I traveled, I realized the world isn’t really that scary. I now trust that things will work out for me somehow when before even the mere thought of the future frightened me to the core.

I also spent the summer living in New York City, trying and sometimes succeeding to live my best life with some of my favorite people. I spent more time alone than ever before. Alone time is not an easy thing for me, as being forced to be alone with my thoughts sounds horrendously unappealing. However, I found breakthroughs by walking, reading, and writing. If there is any place where it’s okay to be alone sometimes, it’s New York City because of the endless possibilities.

In the fall I started my senior year at Boston University and still have not figured out what I will be doing yet, but I’m okay with that (for now). I’m trying to take every day as it comes and make the most of it. Life is too short to not enjoy it. I’ve made new friends this semester and I constantly feel inspired and empowered by the people around me.

This year, I downloaded the 1SecondEveryday app on my phone and made a compilation video of my year to look back on. It reminded me of happy memories and of how lucky I was even when I faced the toughest of days. I would recommend this app and the experience in creating the video to anyone who is nostalgic and wants to have a little bit more fun with their year.

So 2018, thank you for the Crosstown Doughnuts, walks through markets and Carnaby Street, riding bikes through Hyde Park and getting tea at the V&A. Thank you for the opportunities to see the world with some of my best friends, and even better, my brother. Thank you for MoviePass, which let me see a lot of movies this summer. Thank you for the strength to get through the loneliest of times and the quietest of days. Thank you for a family who still brings a bright smile to my face. Thank you for work opportunities and for knowledge that I will hold on to. Thank you for making this year at BU one of the best. Thank you for always being unpredictable.

Can’t wait to see what 2019 brings.

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